Fairphone 2 3D printed casings available

Received my case yesterday in black/red:

I think the top part should be 0,5mm to 0,6mm longer, because there is a small furrow between two parts.
Thanks for designing.
Is it possible to order another finish of the material?


Is there any chance on lime green (or a more natural looking moss green) as a future colour option? I think that would make a great combo with the purple.

Noop, that is up to Shapeways. Maybe some spraypaint?

I ‘ll think about that. For now, I’ ll stick with the original black cover.

Hya !
I have a Printed case for now, about 1 month.
I took a Yellow upside and a Black downside.
Pros :
-it look awsome !
-“not the usual phone”

  • very easy to take phone apart with style

Cons :
-WAY too easy to remove it, i always have to be very careful when i take it out of my pocket (espcially the bottom side)
-little space between the two pieces
-loudspeaker hole placed incorrectly (we can see the rubber joint)

Cons due to material used by shapeways :
-let some “powder” on phone
-incomfortable on ear
-the yellow wears out too quickly
-bad surface finish

TBH, dvl, your work is quite good, but the shapeways materials are a joke !
still, i would be pleased to buy you the next version !


After receiving my printed backplates I am still optimistic :sunny:
I cannot say that they don’t fit . They fit perfectly and the diagonal seperation closes both “other halfs” also perfectly.
Thanks to Dirk v.L !

(Indeed I own a jolla phone and already have another “the other half” - TOH) I also took the lower half with spare space for another battery. Unfortunately I still only have one battery and I would rather prefer a bigger one than another FP2 battery. The sony xperias are hopefully slim enough for a more curved out case. I also buyed the bumper frame for FP2. Again using the upper half with the bumper frame fits perfectly and offers me a frame to include bigger breakout boards. However I would need still another flat backplate to close this bumper frame.

I am now expecting breakout bords with FTDI311D + 201 for I2C and some other interfaces . 2 goals should be in reach: increased battery lifetime by more than a double and … the NFC reader would be my 1st choice favourite target for FP2 and Jolla.


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I ask me, if it would possible, to solder the contacts from the second battery to the contacts of the first one.
With this Battery holder case it would be an Fairphone 2 with an XXL-Battery

Any progress here? I also purchased the case for the bigger battery and want to double the standby-time…

Yes, thanks for asking. I was testing only one single battery with new added electronic protection modules (PCM). Because of problems with the Fuel-Gauge of the FP2 itself I stopped before adding my existing second battery. Reason is the existing PCM inside each battery. It will not work with these fabric internal protection and any other added cells. Also it is
clear that another pair of battery cells from almost exactly the same creation date are needed beeing activated with the same fill state.

Unfortunately I guess that both batteries should be used as bare cells without internal protecction and with only one common PCM for both to be connected to the FP2. Unfortunately I don’t plan to disassemble brand new FP2 batteries.
That is why this project was paused.

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OK, thank you for Informatinon!

Kind regards / Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Pawel Radomychelski
ExPLIT IT Solutions

I’ve made a case for the FP2 as well and I’d like to share it to the community:

Anyone with a 3d-printer should be able to print it out.

But be warned: It’s still work in progress and this is just the first version. Some holes need to be replaced a little, the lid is wobbly and the hinge is too tight. Also the snapper is not as “snappy” as I’d like it to be. And most important: the buttons don’t work yet!

However I’d be glad if someone would try to rework my model and/or show their own prints.

Update: Version #4: it works now and looks okayish but it’s still not done yet. No moving parts anymore and at least ready for everyday-use. Only thing is that I’m not sure if I’ll be able to ever get the phone out of it again… it’s pretty tight.

BTW, looks pretty nice in translucent yellow, what do you think?

(the material used is HDglass yellow from formfutura BTW - hard to print but it has almost perfect properties in that case [pun semi intented])


Well it looks very great ! Thanks for sharing

I’m looking for a case that has inbuild holders for HR quickfix.

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If you find a CAD model of such a holder i could add that to the cover in no time. However I guess that’s not so easy to find.

BTW: here’s the latest upgrade of my cover…

Found the perfect material for printing that one: “bendlay flex”. And there’s now a one-piece and a two-piece version available.


Is there some where possible to download a CAD File of a case or Phone-body to get a sample?
Nurbs based Files prefered. *.step, *.sat, *.iges, *.x_b. etc.

Bought the 3D printed case from @dvl via Shapeways, it’s awesome, I think it’s much nicer than the original FP2 case, I like how the buttons are, and the colour is cool :smile:

Yeah, a 3D file for the new slim case would be nice! I’d be interested how easy it is to make a back side that reuses the front part and the buttons of the original split case.


I had the same idea!

  • I think about a backcover with printed Lego base plate to play with modularity with back cover USB
  • or integrating wireless charger
  • or back cover with voice recorder microphones (via usb ext. soundcard microphone)
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