Fairphone 2 3D printed casings available

Loving the idea!

But with current design that would result in an unstable fitting casing :’(

At some point shapeways experimented with doing full-colour sls 3d printing, I made a design that looked way funky, but the quality of the print was terrible and they stopped the program…


Nice work!

2 questions:

  • do you think it can be made as slim as possible around the screen
  • do you have any infos about the material (with colors) regarding harmful substances?

Keep it up!

This is as slim as i can make it without loosing too much stiffness. Besides, I like the way the colours break up the front side, makes it less of a black rectangular glass slab like any other phone.

The material is nylon, don’t know about the colours. Check shapeways.com and go to Materials tab, lots if info there about how it is made.

Oh come on…! Not that hard when you get the hand of if… But these look great…

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OMG 5 orders total. People are going crazy over 3D printed stuff.


I’d really like an orange or a red case so will probably order from you once previous buyers have posted feedback.
Incidentally, would you be able to print and send this FP2 dock, and how much would you charge for it?

upload it to shapeways and see for yourself

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Thanks I’ve tried. You wonder whether they are printing it in pure 24cts gold. If you see what I mean :wink:

Hej @dvl,
very nice cover and it’s so nice to have an alternative cover option :slight_smile:
I ordered the red/white version, looks cool and stylish!

Here are some impressions of the cover:

Greetings, Markus!



You happy with the fit?

Jea, the bottom part is a little bit tight, the top part could be tighter, but both are ok. The material feels a littlebit to rough, i thought Shapeways would polish it a littlebit more, but it’s also ok, can’t slip out of the hand :slight_smile:

Do you think it is possible, maybe for another version, to build a cover without the screen protection, so the cover will getting smaller and look more like a simple back cover? Or are the cover guide tracks on the sides to small? i don’t need the screen protection at all, like the standard rubber cover.

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Yeah I am working on a 1piece model that needs a lot les on the front, by I
have been out of the country for two months, so that has slowed down
development a bit :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m really interested in your cases :wink:
I want to order http://www.shapeways.com/product/9LZ72BMEW/fairphone-casing-top?li=shop-results&optionId=58795029 and http://www.shapeways.com/product/928MAQLJU/fairphone-casing-bottom-batteryholder?li=shop-results&optionId=58938474.
Could I use all the buttons and ports of my FP2 with this case?

Yeah! But feel free to double-check it yourself, you should be able to
rotate some 3d view and check if all buttons are there.

Received my case yesterday in black/red:

I think the top part should be 0,5mm to 0,6mm longer, because there is a small furrow between two parts.
Thanks for designing.
Is it possible to order another finish of the material?


Is there any chance on lime green (or a more natural looking moss green) as a future colour option? I think that would make a great combo with the purple.

Noop, that is up to Shapeways. Maybe some spraypaint?

I ‘ll think about that. For now, I’ ll stick with the original black cover.

Hya !
I have a Printed case for now, about 1 month.
I took a Yellow upside and a Black downside.
Pros :
-it look awsome !
-“not the usual phone”

  • very easy to take phone apart with style

Cons :
-WAY too easy to remove it, i always have to be very careful when i take it out of my pocket (espcially the bottom side)
-little space between the two pieces
-loudspeaker hole placed incorrectly (we can see the rubber joint)

Cons due to material used by shapeways :
-let some “powder” on phone
-incomfortable on ear
-the yellow wears out too quickly
-bad surface finish

TBH, dvl, your work is quite good, but the shapeways materials are a joke !
still, i would be pleased to buy you the next version !


After receiving my printed backplates I am still optimistic :sunny:
I cannot say that they don’t fit . They fit perfectly and the diagonal seperation closes both “other halfs” also perfectly.
Thanks to Dirk v.L !

(Indeed I own a jolla phone and already have another “the other half” - TOH) I also took the lower half with spare space for another battery. Unfortunately I still only have one battery and I would rather prefer a bigger one than another FP2 battery. The sony xperias are hopefully slim enough for a more curved out case. I also buyed the bumper frame for FP2. Again using the upper half with the bumper frame fits perfectly and offers me a frame to include bigger breakout boards. However I would need still another flat backplate to close this bumper frame.

I am now expecting breakout bords with FTDI311D + 201 for I2C and some other interfaces . 2 goals should be in reach: increased battery lifetime by more than a double and … the NFC reader would be my 1st choice favourite target for FP2 and Jolla.