Fairphone 2.1 - with support for Nougat

Well if we are already nit picking then I have to call your comparison lame. Picking up your analogy it would rather be a saddle that works well for a while but has a high chance of breaking after a while that is being replaced by a long-lasting saddle with an even better mechanism to adjust it. So yeah, it’s definitely an upgrade (even if the old saddle may have looked cooler to some: transparent).

Mine did (blue translucent).

Used my black original cover for 1.5 years, not damaged, switched to slim for vanity rasons :slight_smile:


Can I request, please, that this topic stays focused on whether or not it would be possible for a main module upgrade to bring about Fairphone 2.1 supporting Nougat.

At this stage, based on Stefan and Paulkreuzers replies, I don’t think there is any chance of it happening. (And I know this is ‘just’ a community discussion)

I’ve certainly learnt a lot about Fairphone design in this thread, thanks in particular to posts like Rspliets.

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Unlikely: Yes.

Possible: Still yes!

That’s my summary. I think it would be a pity. An upgraded main module could keep the FP future proof and still have compability with most parts. And it would be a smart engineering decision, since all other parts are produced already, which spare a lot of cost and time.
It would be good for current FP2 owners, since it would be easier for FP to keep producing spare parts and good for future FP2.1 (or FP2U or FP2S) as they get a more future proof device with Android Support and performance reserves. I still have hope for it.


This, in my inexperienced view, is the most compelling reason for Fairphone to try and achieve a FP2.1 (or FP2U etc). Allow people to replace their FP2 batteries, screens as needed with normal wear and tear.

If they want to upgrade to FP2U; buy a new FP2U mainboard module (for compatibility reasons, maybe camera, top and bottom modules would all have to be FP2U) while re-using the battery, screen, case.

From what I can see, suggestions along those lines have been made for a few years on this forum, so I imagine Fairphone HQ have had similar discussions internally, with more detail and expertise.

I’ve searched through the product blog posts on the Fairphone website and I don’t see any posts exploring the pros and cons of these options. Hopefully a bit more detail will be forthcoming in future; it seems likely that a decision has already been made based on the length of time since it was first proposed.


Kinda like how the Neo900 [1] is a complete new phone just like Stefan said if you replace the SoC its practically a new phone already. If you want/need Nougat, go with LineageOS. For now, we still get software updates on Android 6 after 2 years. That’s a good track record. Lets underline that.

[1] https://neo900.org


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