Fairphone 1U parts to sell


My Fairphone 1U unfortunately got a bath a few months ago and could not be saved. They said it was the mainboard that was damaged. So I guess there are a lot of parts that are okay, like display, camera etc - but unfortunately they could not test it, so I don’t know exactly. But I don’t just want to throw it to the bin because that’s not my style and it’s definitely not what a Fairphone was made for - so, if there is anyone interested in the phone for using parts of it, building a new one from a few broken ones etc, send me as message! I would like to have a little bit of money for it though you all know it has not been that cheap - but I’m sure we’ll find an amount that is okay for both you and me. Thank you! Best, Cornelia


Please be so kind and look out if there are any #fairphoneangels roaming in your vicinity. They are always glad to capture spare parts.


Thanks a lot! I didn’t
know about those local communities!

    Best, Cornelia


Maybe the motherboard could be saved. I have done that with quite a lot of Iphones before.



I need either need a new battery or a new USB charging point (which i think is connected to the mother board). Would you sell both of these?




do be honest, I would prefer to just sell the whole phone,
because I’m not familiar with taking the single pieces out -
would that be okay for you? with the rest, you can do whatever
you want - I just want the pieces to be used if possible.

if you’d take the phone - what would you pay for the “box of
spare parts”?