Fairphone 1 without motherboard to giveaway (Update)

I have a Fairphone 1 to give away. It needs a new motherboard as the on off botton does not work any more. I will remove the motherboard before sending because of the personal data that I cannot remove any more. And I can’t garantee that the battery still works good as I didn’t use the phone for about 1 year. The sending costs has to carry the receiver.

Update: Sorry Kevin for replying too late. The Post is not activated any more due to my late answer. I found out that it is not so easy to send a smartphone in other countrys for security reasons. The most postal service provider do not allow it and it I find a provider it will probably be expensive. The problem is the battery. But removing the battery is not enough as the people controlling can not look inside. So i think sending it to the UK won’t work out.

Hello, I’m interested in your offer. Where are you located, please, and how much would it cost to send to the UK?

Many thanks,


Hello Kevin,
no problem. It makes me glad when I can help you and give part of my Fairphone a longer life.
I think I can send it via letter. Then it should be cheap (3.70 Euro). I will check it tomorrow. You could send it to me via Pay Pal. Would this be okay for you?

Hello, many thanks for your reply. 3.70 euro sounds great.
Please confirm the amount, and let me know your preferred email
address, and I’ll make the transfer immediately.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,


Please keep in mind that if you get to the point of exhanging private information, that is to say email & post addresses, phone numbers et cetera, it’s best to do so over private messages so crawlers can’t steal and abuse said information. You can click someone’s username and then click the little envelope to start a private message thread.

Not saying you don’t already know to do it this way - just making extra sure.

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