Fairphone 1(U) does not enter recovery mode

Dear Fairphoners,

I have just manually updated my fairphone with the new Koala 1.7.8 and also wanted to update the storage partition in tha same manner (I had an old partitioned FP1) afterwards.
After the installation of the storage partition (it was installed and I "wipe charge"ed it with a subsequent reboot) the reboot only mounted until the blue screen and it is stuck ever since.

I can not enter the recovery mode anymore, when I press volume up and the power button for a 10s, the screen briefly gets black and goes back to blue after. So there is no “no command” screen. The same happens after I take out the battery and try to get into recovery mode, also there is no typical “switch on-vibration”. Again, it only turns black for two seconds and then blue again–> no reset possible

Help anyone?
Thanks a lot

Also, I have done a complete backup of my files before.

Unfortunately that means your phone is hard bricked. XDA has a guide for that situation, but you’ll need a Windows computer for that. If you don’t feel comfortable following the guide you should contact support.

Thanks a lot for the quick answer. I will give it a try, I guess it can’t get much worse anyway. Will keep you updated

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Good news, somehow, the phone came out of its blue screen and turned on normally. Storage is now partitioned and the app store is installed after trying around 3 times (always went into recovery mode). Anyway, I’m a happy user again :wink:


Yeah, sometimes it just needs another try after a day, and everything works again. :slight_smile: