Fairphone 1 replacement battery in Australia

Hi there, I know there has been quite a discussion on replacement batteries for Fairphone1 in the past, but I live in Australia and this one (which seemed to be the most straight forward option) won’t be shipped over here. https://electropapa.com/de/catalog/product/view/id/11158/s/li-ion-akku-1800mah-3-7v-f-r-handy-smartphone-telefon-wie-hb5n1/
Besides I could not find it available here, but I stumbled across this and wondering whether anyone has experience with this one:

I believe this one should work?!

Some feedback would be much appreciated.


Maybe it will also work, after all this is always someones own risk to try. But longevity and performance as stated in some feedback is not so satisfying.

I assume there are not many here who have tried option 2 as option 1 is available in most countries and seems to work satisfying.


I just have taken a look and found more suppliers for the HB5N1H in Australia:
hb Batteryspecialists: 9.72 $
JSTech: 17.60 $
Gadgetcity: 19.99 $ also sold under this URL Batteryshack: 19.99 $
Everybattery: 34.95 $

And it seems sellers on amazon.co.uk also deliver to Australia.
(But delivery is really, really hefty at 69.99 GBP)


Thanks so much, really helpful!

I’ve just seen this post & presume you’ve already sourced a battery; but in case not, I have a spare one (ordered 2 from different people by mistake when desperate to replace my bloated battery!) & although I’m in UK, I’m sure I could send it for less than the 69.99GBP in the Amazon quote, so just let me know if you want me to check further :slight_smile:

Thx for the offer.
I was just trying to help @mirroc, so maybe she is interested?
Otherwise I guess you should offer your battery on the #market:offered in this forum.
Just be aware, that LiIon-batteries are considered dangerous stuff and have to be treated specially when sending them. In Germany, they may be sent by parcel only and not in an envelope.

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