Fairphone 1 maintenance comes to an end

Yep: shipping companies won’t allow you to ship more than two lithium ion batteries per shipment (safety rules).


How can you know that?
Maybe more people than expected decided to build their own battery “storehouse” like you by buying two or even more batteries (through two or three consecutive orders). Don’t get me wrong. To me that is higly understandble, having had your experience with battery failure or when needing a spare battery for traveling etc. But as a result probably nobody knows how many batteries are waiting in drawers to be used (maybe even “never” in the end).


Thanks for that word.

But I had somehow the impression, that the community was quite eager to develope the 4.4.4 port for FP1. Is this attempt dead, too?

Yep, that effort was abandoned by @chrmhoffmann when Faiprhone announced their own efforts (in fact they joined forces, but no port ended up being perfect).

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The problem is that the battery is dying, lasts about a couple of hours only.
Can you offer a solution?

Otherwise, you are simply asking people to ‘believe’ that next time it will be better; this is not professional nor ethical. A more credible approach would have been if Fairphone provided phones to those of us that helped finance it when it started or at least offer it at very cheap prices.

I have friends with smartphones that have lasted far longer than 3 years and still going…and there are not fairphones…

No, they are phones made by multi-billion dollar multinationals that have existed for decades. Nice comparison…

And who is going to pay for that? Your Santa Clauses are the people in mines and factories making your gifts for free.

Be critical, improve the world and understand what you are talking about before offering fantasies as solutions.


Wow. You are clearly improving the world with such constructive comments.

The point remains, Fairphone has not lived up to their claims. People like myself funded the development of the first phone because we wanted sustainable products and are willing to pay more. At the moment, and in my view, FAIRPHONE is letting down their customer group. I have little assurance that they will improve on Fairphone2 once Fairphone3 is out. Please feel free to disagree.

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Please, you two, don’t attack each other.

I hope that you can find a replacement battery here:

To improve batter life, you should also try to find out the most battery consuming apps and delete them (usual suspects include Facebook and their messenger).

PS: Maybe you even suffer from a #wakelock .


I may have gone a little overboard there. My apologies.
But (most) of your arguments have already been said (and repeated) by many people here in this forum.

It sounds so easy; just give people a discount because they are unhappy. It will make them happy again.

But a discount is a cut in price. It is real money. So the money you do not pay, someone else pays. If you do not consider the consequences or show that you understand what they are, then it makes no sense.

Fairphone does not own a money printing press. They have to pay their employees, suppliers etc. etc.

The Fairphone 1 was the first phone (hence the name) by a small Amsterdam startup company. It was a crowd-funded phone. It is the first attempt ever to make a change in the electronics industry.

You can’t possibly expect them to make a phone that compares to the Samsungs or Apples of this world. You can’t expect them to start handing out gifts to keep people happy and by doing so endangering the existence of the company.

That is why I say; sure, be critical and help make the world a better place. But don’t expect others to perform your wonders.


Wrong: :wink: https://www.nager-it.de/en

No, you can expect them to perform even better in some ways: modularity, recyclability, fair wages… :grin: Sure that iPhones and Samsungs mostly do have good quality, but they also come with a bad conscience.


Well, I know it is a rather lengthy thread, but there are quite a few thoughts on this (and other) critical points. So just some keywords on the differences between FP1 and FP2, that should find expression in the support etc. as well:
FP1: Of the shelf phone of a chinese manufacturer, that has gone out of phone-business since.
FP2: Modular phone developed by Fairphone and produced especially for Fairphone according to their specifications. The camera modules have already been updated and a second version of FP2 is already on sale.

For the battery problems, I only can support the link by @Stefan, as one of those batteries is already working fine for me.


Dear Community and also dear Fairphone employers,

I can also contribute with my experiences on the Fairphone 1U. It was my first smartphone I bought in August 2014. I was satisfied with the speed and also thought, that it would be more sustainable, spending a little more money, having an unlocked phone to choose another ROM and be able to replace parts.

Now, in September 2017, my phone went dead. The display froze and although I checked the battery with another fairphone user, nothing worked out. I even unmounted to see, if the switches are probably not working anymore, but sadly, this was not true. So, the mainboard is broken.

I could live with the fact, that the unlock boot was useless for me. Cyanogenmod/Lineage OS is not working on that phone. But not able to provide spare parts after three years? Sorry, but that is not that, what I understand under sustainability. Of course, I understand all that reasons about supply chain management, stock estimations and so on.

I think, also the design of the fairphone has very good aspects, the biggest mistake was using a MediaTek 6589M processor. There is no big support from the community with ports to that chip. I only knew the Xolo Q600 smartphone which is also using the same processor. And this is also the main reasing why it was unachievable to update for Android 4.5 or 5.

So, currently I am working on a backup phone from my sibling, an old HTC Sensation from 2012 with a Qualcomm MSM8260 processor running LineageOS 14 based on Android 7. Of course, I use a customized ROM, HTC stopped with Android 2.3 or so. I let it up to you to judge, what fulfil more aspects concerning sustainability?

Therefore, I am observing the development of providing spare parts for the Fairphone 2. It is nice, that the processor is now from Qualcomm which are more provided support from the community. And it is nice to see, that at least for this, Lineage OS worked out. And the idea is also nice to have a (more) modular phone. But still, I am a little bit careful now and look regularly in the shop, since my Fairphone 1U broke, if spare parts and modules for the Fairphone 2 are available. Because it does not make sense, if you are not able to get some.

That is my humble opinion about that.

Best regards,


If the screen is intact you could improve on your “sustainability score” by offering it on the #market. Then another FP1 can have a second life.


Dear Stefan,

thank you for the suggestion. But how to make sure, the screen still works, if I cannot validate it due to the defect motherboard?

Best regards,

Hard to test if you don’t have another FP1 motherboard at hand, but if it didn’t show any weird behaviour before the phone froze and doesn’t have any cracks, then it is likely fine.


You said above that you know another Fairphone user. You could test their motherboard with your screen. Here you can find the iFixit tutorials for dismantling your phone.


Hi, if you think you don’t have the skills to perform the test Stefan suggested (FP1U wasn’t build with modularity in mind) I think a different solution is to try to sell the all phone specifying what happened. Of course more or less at the price of a used display… Also, check the guide on iFixit before trying surgery on your friend’s phone, you could sadly end up with 0 working fairphones. All the best and good luck!


Hi there, my FP1 is still working well but I need a new battery…
Can’t Fairphone propose an alternative battery to the one they sold with the phone ?

Take a look at this posting or the thread it’s in:
Beware, the availabilty information in this posting is outdated. All suppliers seem to be stocked again. :wink:


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