Fairphone 1 maintenance comes to an end

Please, serve as a model for other OEMs and release the source code for unsupported phones. Let the community continue support for the KitKat port.


I think you need to talk to Guohong for that request They own the source code, I guess…

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Here we can read: Long-term software support for Fairphone 1

16 September 2015

Now that Fairphone has control over the Fairphone 1 source code, what’s next? First of all, we can say that we have no plans to stop supporting the Fairphone hardware. We will continue to apply security fixes as long as it is feasible for the years to come. We will also keep exploring ways to increase the longevity of the Fairphone 1.

Over and over again: Very unclear information. It’s so sad and not fair!


Do not throw it away. The parts can still be used.


You quote a blog of almost 2 years old which states exactly that they kept their promises. I added some emphasis so it is easier to read and understand that no promise was broken and communication was actually pretty consistent.

Let me translate for you:
2015: We will try to achieve A.
2017: We have tried to achieve A, but we now have to admit we can’t.


What in the world can you get hung up on about the text you quoted there?

Everything in that text is true, clear, not a promise and still they delivered on everything they said there.

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Wait, the blog entry was on 16th September 2015 - last upgrade for FP1 to version 1.8.7, Kola Nut was in August 2015. Is that what you understand under “for years to come” ? Not me.

But my point was about software. In the blog post it is stated that “Fairphone has control over the Farphone 1 source code” (as I understand Fairphone has the full license). But when the community asks to make it Open Source we can read that Fairphone isn’t allowed to do so. Is this clear information? In my opinion not.


“Control” means that they can modify it. It doesn’t mean that they can redistribute the source code (as in “make it public”).


Did you leave the first part of that sentence out on purpose or by mistake?

as long as it is feasible for years to come.


Chris Trothen
Jul 21, 00:22 CEST

I have been satisfied with my FP1 which has continued to work without problems for me. I understand your business issues.
I notice that in comments that the battery has been reported as a common problem area.
I would think that a supply of these would be an exception to your future no spare parts. (there seems to be a need and a market here, no tech development needed, just some production - it should be cost neutral. You could included the handling cost in the price and everyone would be happier)(You could even add a few euros profit to help out, and no one would complain)


@Douwe you may read how many FP1 users wish to have a new battery for their FP1, so i wonder why does FP not produce some new batteries.
I am sure FP would find a partner, may be the FP2 producer would be willing to make some batteries may be also a new screen.

I know it’s not possible to support FP1 for 10 years, but if ther is so many which look for a new battery, it’s not fair. Fairphone should help them. :’(

So i ask you, to think about, sure FP would find someone to produce about 2’000-3’000 batteries.


You would not find a supplier for such low numbers, or it would be so expensive that it would not make sense.
I do not know if ever some tried to provide a DIY-solution for such a battery. You would need the precise specifications of the FP1-battery and then try to find similar models, f.i. somewhere in Shenzen, and eventually modify them…

Why not make sense… I am ready to pay an expensive battery to keep my fairphone. Price is not the issue ! The issue is to sell a phone sustainable and to tell us that 3 year after you can throw it away !!..

I generally keep my computer 15 year… My last phone before buying a fairphone i keep it 6 year …

They should never make a fairphone 2 if fp1 was not sustainbale , Keep develloping the business aroiund fp1 would be a really better solution. Around me a lot of person finally was alright to buy a fairphone, they was just waiting the end of there own phone. But now FP2 is too big and too expensive so they change opinion. And to see that fp1 is dead , will not help them to make the choice of fp2.

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Maybe you are ready, but the other few thousand FP1-user, too?
It is sad, but FP cannot change the whole industry, with so few customers. They can just work towards better solutions, towards a bit more sustainability.
You may buy a used FP1 in good condition on ebay… that is what I would do in your position. Thats still a good way to provide you with a battery and spare parts…

Its not just “sad” it s a bad strategic choice from fairphone.
They should not make the fp2

So many people want the FP1, and could not buy it… If the issue is that there is not enough customer for fp1, then just sell more fp1.

just around me i know almost 6 people who was ready to buy a fp1 after saw the mine, and just

  • cant bought it because there was not enough production
  • just have waited there own phone dead to buy it

As i say before the fp1 get the right screen size, and the different part performance, was already good enough for a sustainbale world.
FP2 just follow the move of always more, always better… That is not compatible with a sustainable world. The first priority before thinking to create a fp2, should be to assure that fp1 respect the concept of sustainable. No body force fairphone to stop the fp1 production, and to refuse lot of customers. Then dont tell me that the issue is there is not enough customer !


It would be a nice move to use the exact same battery in the coming FP3. And the FP2 type in an FP4. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel (or battery) each time you develop a new device!


Why doesn’t the Fairphone office offer to recycle all old, broken or discarded FP1’s, and create a stock of used parts? You could charge a small amount, to cover the handling of these. Most Fairphone users are concerned people and would appreciate the initiative. (I also think many FP1 users appreciate the product and would pay for a new battery)


I think this is a very excellent proposal - and Fairphone could prove again that sustainability is important also with FP1 and that this contains not only words but also actions.

If it’s still in good condition and you’d like it to be reused, we’ve just finished updating and revamping our own recycling program.

Also, there is the #market here on the forum for direct P2P recycling.

And as part of the #efct17 meet-up, there will be a session with some amazing community members to test FP1 parts we already have to see which ones still work and can be reused.


My FP1 is working fine so far. But especially as I read that batteries fail, there are probably many FP1 users where there was a failure, broken or just unused. You should also alert all FP1, like you did for your change in parts support, about the recycle program. Collect all those good parts, including batteries. Please also try to organize a supply of batteries, even if at a higher price, as many loyal FP1 users would like to continue using their phones, and not add to the glut of electronic garbage.