Fairphone 1 (FP1) for sale good condition £35/40€ (UK)


I have a Fairphone 1 still going strong. I usually use it as a backup phone but now I a have a newer backup phone.

I bought the current battery in September 2015 and I haven’t used it much since then so it still last long.

The screen works perfectly but it has some tiny marks at the top right and few other cosmetics.

The corners got some bumps over the years but nothing mayor. The back have some scratches, but again, nothing mayor.

Camera works…

The audio jack doesn’t work very well. It is a bit loose and it doesn’t stay in.

Everything else works perfectly. Dual SIM, SD card reader, WIFI, Bluetooth, GPS (not as accurate as modern phones). All in all a good phone but don’t forget it is a phone from 2013.

I think £35/40€ would be a fair price.

Charger or case not included. It charges with any mini USB cable that you are likely to have at home.

Happy to answer questions. The item is in UK but happy to ship outside of UK.


Hi we would like to buy your phone, is it still for sale?

Were in the uk …

Yes, it is.

Please contact me by WhatsApp or SMS and we can arrange for delivery: 07 971 40 678 5.

Still available… Happy to send to Europe for +10€.

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