Fairphone 1: Cloudy photos with main camera

Photos I took with the main camera were unclear with strange glare effects, especially close-ups using the flash. By eye, the main camera lens looked as if it was scratched or dirty. Cleaning it from the outside didn’t help. Six months ago, I opened the device with a tiny cross-tip screwdriver (according to the FP maintenance tips) and was able to clean the lens from inside using a Q-tip. Thereafter, my photos were dramatically better. However, the problem seems to be reappearing. I keep my FP in my trouser pocket; no undue exposure to dirt. It seems the housing isn’t sufficiently tight to prevent dust getting to the camera lens. Does anyone else have this problem? Any solution?

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I also have this issue, and others report the same.

Check out the following thread:

It does seem that the cover is not completely tight and doesn’t keep dust out.

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I’ve just problems with fat on the lens (outside):


Yeah, i have to rub the lens on my shirt when I whant to take a shot…or else the light bounce stangely and it wont focus. I need to say this again - why cant i have manual focus???

Hmm, try to search about manual focus. I’m not sure, but maybe manual focus isn’t possible.

Normally, you can focus any part of the scene by touching the screen where you want focus

Open Camera has 5 different focus modes, among others manual focus. I cannot tell the differences between the others though…

…the OpenCamera ISO options, (last release) will help you to get better results along with the manual focus.

@Stefan @Sebastien, interesting, i got that app since before summer but manual did not work but ill have another go at it since they made changes. Actually i don’t want the camera to measure the distance by me tapping on an object, i want a controller so i can lock the focus then move the camera/phone into position.

I had cloudy pics or very poor quality so as I had dropped my phone, only a foot, but because its heavy, cracked screen(another thread), I wrongly assumed that I had also broken the camera. Ordered one and began taking it apart and discovered that the phone was full of dust and the lens of the camera was filthy. Cleaned it all up with a soft brush and as good as new. Sent camera back but had to pay over £13 for courier to discover this. Fairphone tell me that dust finds its way into FP1 and they are working on an improvement for newer editions. If only they had let me/us know that this is an issue especially when I ordered a new camera. It must be really hard to break one.

Thats intresting too, ill keep this in mind. Maybe one has to clean the inside of the phone once in a while then.

I would very much appreciate a longer lasting solution, if anyone can think of one… :blush:

http://www.neverwet.com/ Maybe this will work, it ceeps water & dust outside.

I have the same problem. Is this a reason to return my phone and get a repaired/new one?

I don’t think that this is covered by warranty, but this depends if FP considers it a defect or not.

See: https://fairphone.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/201166786-Warranty-and-Returns-for-your-Fairphone

After ½ year my camera lense is now almost white from small dots on the inside. I can’t see that this problem is solved in this tread, so is the solution to clean it yourself or send the phone in for repair? Regards

That’s because nobody has contacted Fairphone to ask them if it is covered by warranty… :frowning: Could you write them and let us know, what they say?

It seems now foe a while, that my camera lens is dirty from inside the lens.
The view on the main screen looks very foggy and so does the picture. The camera also cannot, because of the fog, focus on topics like a QR Code.
Can I clean the lens by myself? I guess I have to find a way to get behind the front glas element of the lens. It is not really the lens but the safety glas.
Thanks in advance
fotoroeder and Uwe

Follow this guide to open the mid frame and clean the transparent plastic piece from the inside.

I have this issue too - I am about to open up my fairphone for the fourth or fifth time in a year in order to clean the dust out. I’m getting quite good at it now, but it is a real pain in the neck. I have just mailed fairphone support to see if anything can be done to stop it hapenning…

I discovered I had a crack in the plastic lens cover. I ordered a replacement midframe (€10) and opened up my FP1. It was very dirty inside. I cleaned it and installed the new midframe. Compare the ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos!

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