Fairness Run Vienna 29.6.2017

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Fairphone will have a stand at the Fairness Run in Vienna this year again :slight_smile:

Thursday 29. June 2017
Vienna, Mariahilferstraße

More details: http://www.fairnessrun.at

We are looking for motivated runners who want to join the Fairphone “Running team”. There are some free starting places left. So if anyone wants to join, please let us know :wink:

Pictures from last year:

:de: :gb: Aktuell | Austrian Fairphoners

Hi there,

are there any motivated runners who want to join us in the 5km Pro Planet run? Currently there are still 3 free starting tickets left… So if you are interested contact me via PM :wink:


:de: :gb: Aktuell | Austrian Fairphoners

Hi runners,

there is only one starting ticket left, so if you want to join us in the Pro Planet 5km run for free, contact me :wink:

Current starters:

Registration deadline: Sunday 25.6.2017 23:59



Hey Werner

I’d still like to join!
Going to register


Hi Fabian,

it’s so great that you will come to Vienna and join the run :slight_smile:

Have you been to Vienna?
I do not know if you have a very busy schedule but if you want we show you the city a little bit :wink:

Best regards


Event infos and timetable:



Why is this thread carrying the date 29.5.2017 when the run will occur tomorrow?


Oops, that was a typo nobody saw except you. Thanks for the info- I changed it!

The event is tomorrow (Thursday 29.6.2017)


Wir haben mit dem Aufbau um 10 Uhr begonnen. Anbei die ersten Eindrücke…

:de: :gb: Rückblick | Austrian Fairphoners
:de: :gb: Aktuell | Austrian Fairphoners

Bei euch ist kein Regen? Bei uns herrscht grad Dauerregen.


Hat so zwischen 13:00 u 15:00 geregnet, jetzt aber wieder super Wetter! Wo bist du denn?


378 km Richtung Nordnordwest, im Dresdner Umland.


Ja da war schon alles ausgeregnet, bis es bei uns war. :wink:


Schade, dass es sich bei mir nicht ausgegangen ist! :frowning:

Aber die nächste Fairphone-Veranstaltung kommt bestimmt! :slight_smile:


More pictures of the event:


From the official picture gallery of the Fairness run 2017:

(4. GLOBAL 2000 FAIRNESS RUN presented by PRO PLANET, Mariahilferstrasse, Wien, 2017-06-29)


:de: :gb: Aktuell | Austrian Fairphoners
:de: :gb: Rückblick | Austrian Fairphoners

Found some more pictures on our demo phones:


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