Fairness component breakdown

Hi Fairphone,

I recently started reading up a bit on your products and mission and am a big fan. I still need to check the phone out in real life but am planning to get one.

I found this chart on the website:

However I would be very interested to see a breakdown of the used materials throughout the phone, and which part of that is fair. I think on request all component suppliers can provide a MSD, like for this resistor:

The fact that the gold plating on the PCB is fair trade is great! But what about the gold in other components like IC’s, Resistors, Capacitors?

Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile: This forum is community-led, so you cannot address Fairphone directly and you cannot expect official answers.

#contactsupport for official answers.



Actually this is a forum you ended up, not the official Fairphone company presence. There is staff reading into this forum occasionally but the official way to address your concerns would be here.

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