Fairbuds XL poor sound quality when connected to PC by wire

When I connect my Fairbuds XL to my PC (Windows 11) by wire, the sounds is quite poor. I would compare it to something you would expect of speakers in a laptop (not even a Mac, just a regular Windows laptop) . No bass whatsoever is the most noticeable “feature”, but everything else also sounds not right. Not sure how I’m supposed to enjoy music (or really, any kind of content) with this kind of sound. With bluetooth connection everything sounds fine of course, but sound delay it introduces is not acceptable for something like gaming.

Maybe some missing driver or configuration adjustment I can do?
I see Windows detects it just as a Generic USB audio device and seems to treat it as speaker.
Any tips?

I guess you didn’t turn on the headset. The power from the cable is not enough to get the high quality. When you turn it in it will work just fine.


Well now I feel dumb. Thanks! :grinning:


I was surprised by it as well. In an emergency it’s still cool that you can power it by cable. Even though the quality is then a bit iffy.


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