Fair phone 2 + Android Smartwatch - experiences?!

Hey there! I´m planning to buy myself a Samsung G2 and was wondering if somebody has experiences about the compatibility between a fair phone 2 and such devices? Thanks for your answers!

I can only say FP2 is working fine with a pebble, but pebble has its own OS, no Android.

Wich pebble do you have? I’m about to buy a pebble time round for my fp2.

One pebble time steel and one pebble (standard first gen.).
I’m switching every weekend and use the pebble on the weekend because it is more lightweight and plastic :slight_smile:

Hey stachel1984,

did you buy the Samsung G2? What are your experiences regarding compatibility? Does it work fine with your fair phone 2? Or can anybody else having that combination share their experience?

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I would also like to buy a Smartwatch and the G2 seems to be the one. I would prefer to know before buying…

But if not, I’ll buy one and try it out ! I’ll let you know :wink:

Did you try it? I want to buy the Samsung Gear 3 and i think it will work together but dont’t know. Anybody knows?

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