Fair mining could be not so fair!

I read an article on “Reporterre”, a news site specialised in environment and fair trade issues. It relates on batteries in automobile industries, but I believe that can be extended to all electronics.

The article in french : https://reporterre.net/Mines-au-Maroc-la-sinistre-realite-du-cobalt-responsable

Summary : "Mining in Morocco: the grim reality of “responsible cobalt”. For their electric cars, Renault and BMW predict to buy ethical cobalt. In the Moroccan mine where it is extracted, the miners report catastrophic working conditions for their rights and their health.
I hope providers for Fairphone are better, but it’s allowed to have some doubts. I leave it to your thinking…

Please read the article on Fairphone on join the fair cobalt alliance.
And your doubts about Fairphone may be over.


Hi @neyr92

Thanks for providing this ressource and insight!
To me this is not much of a secret.

Automobilists (by far not only Renault & BMW) are well known players in the league of non-sustainability and greenwashing - unfortunately.
I´m not aware of any (mass) car manufacturer around the world that got anything like a true lighthouse position for sustainability, fair-use or anything else. They are focused on their own profits and margins …

We now got Fairphone, even Fairbuds … next great milestone of mankind should be a Faircar from my point of view … (ok, ok, I´m dreaming … let me dream … :wink: )



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