Fair Flip Case for the Fairphone 4

Hello Fairphone users!

I’m trying to find a good flip case for the Fairphone 4, but sadly enough I haven’t found one yet (I haven’t bought the phone yet, but when I buy the phone I want to have a good flip case to protect all sides of the phone).

I know Anna Treurniet sells handmade (vegan) flip cases ( Vegan Black Fairphone 4 flip case book type), but these are without an inner case and without a hard edge at the back. Seventy euros for just a piece of fabric that has been stitched in the right side is a little bit too much, I think. And with this case it’s also not possible to quickly put the phone out and back in again.

Does somebody know where you can get a good fair flip case for the Fairphone 4?

My requirements are:

  • Flip case
  • Produced in a fair way (handmade or not)
  • No leather (faux leather, cotton or nylon is good)
  • An inner case for the Fairphone.
  • A sturdy/strong back

Does Fairphone provide a 3D model for the inner case? I believe this is needed if someone wants to manufacture a case for the phone.

Or does someone know where you can get custom handmade flip cases?

Thanks in advance,

- Scott Trakker

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