Facebook events and calendar don't sync

About sync problems… For some reason I haven’t been able so far (since last fall when I received my phone) sync Facebook with phone properly. I have it in accounts but contacts and calendar don’t sync. At first I thought it can’t be done and decided not to care but it would be awesome to get all contacts and Facebook events to sync. I tried to delete Facebook from accounts and add it later, but that didn’t work out. I also checked calendar and contacts if the problem was there but for some reason Facebook is not even an option for syncing.

Any suggestions?

Try another calendar and/or contacts app. There are plenty in the Playstore.

Can you sync the Facebook app with other calendar/contacts apps?

Also, are you connected to the google cloud messaging servers (you should be able to tell by the blue colour of your WiFi symbol when connected to WiFi). @ralf_xda wrote here how to check this.

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