Facebook crashes on my FP2

dear all
My Facebook crashes on my FP2, everyday at least once. Can we solve this?

Hi Annick, could you provide more info on the problem ? Is there a specific situation that causes it ?

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Hi, me too. It’s the same with my Facebook, but I push the botton on the right top until the light of the screen disappears and I push again until the light reappears. Sometimes it’s ok

No, I cannot see the pattern… Maybe I go to fast on facebook… It’s just I’m scrolling down my FB timeline, I can tick on one, two or something 5 items to read or see and then it just stalls… After 30 seconds I get a message that Facebook is stalling, and if I want to wait, stop or communicate it…

Ok that’s difficult to troubleshoot for me given I don’t have the official Facebook app. You might have more luck with Face Slim (it doesn’t exist on Google Play, only on F-Droid but you can get help on installing it if you feel like it :slight_smile: ) that I couple with Messenger Bypasser to be able to use the chat.

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I don’t understand your answer… i am not interested in the FB messenger app. Just the FB app… and it crashes on my fairhpone 2.

I cannot help you with that, but I can provide a replacement for the facebook app (the link is “face slim” on my previous post). If you need help on how to install it, we’re here.

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