F4: connected to PC: "filetransfer" as default?

when I connect my phone to an PC, I everytime have to choose “filetransfer”
it’s possible to set that as default?

Presumably it follows usual Android rules in that you need to have enabled “Developer Options”. Once enabled go to System > Advanced > Developer options > scroll a long way down list to “Default USB configuration” > Press - reveals available options.


I agree that you can change it in the developer options.
Still I wanted to mention that the default setting (that you have to choose “filetransfer” every time) is there for a reason. In case you change it, you shouldn’t use “foreign” USB sockets for charging the phone, because the owner of the USB socket might read out your internal memory.
:point_right: So in case you’re aware of the risk and accept it, feel free to change the default.


I want to add, that a hijacked phone in this case would be an open gate too. Everything would be open for everyone.

Not necessarily. The setting applies only to unlocked phones. So “just” losing your phone doesn’t expose your data to anyone.

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