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I have been using K9 now for some time, but was hoping to find a mail client with less bells and whistles and cleaner interface.

So far i couldn’t find any.

Anybody has tips for mail clients on fdroid?

My tip: don’t use anything less then K9mail. Many user first used Email from Stock-ROM with the cleaner interface and later asked for a better mail-app.


Calendar colors works.
(I sync my calendars between a Mac and my FP using SyncMate and was annoyed that the colors weren’t the same on both - this app allows me to set the colors I wish for each calendar.)


I’m considering finally installing FDroid.apk on my FP1U, having used the F-Droid website for several months to manually download a few selected .apks, transfer them to and then install them on my FP1U. I understand installing the F-Droid “store” will enable me to wirelessly update my apps from F-Droid. Now I have a few questions:

  1. Once I have installed FDroid.apk on my FP1U, do I need to create an account to make it work?
  2. Will FDroid.apk automatically “recognize” the apps I previously downloaded and installed manually from F-Droid?
  3. Can I set how often the F-Droid app checks for app updates and can I control if F-Droid uses WLAN or my mobile data for that?

Thanks for your attention. :innocent:

  1. No account needed
  2. Yes
  3. Yes

Nice overview of interesting apps here. Is there a reason (apart from the timing) why Orfox is not mentioned among the browsers? According to the developers, Orweb is now obsolete with the release of the Orfox 1.2 browser.

The only advantage of Orweb that I see is its reduced size of 2MB compared to the 25-30MB of Orfox. Orfox is only available with Guardian Project Repository :lock: works on FP2 :two:

I haven’t maintained the list in a long time, but it’s a wiki, so you can edit it.

Anybody know how to add contact and calender from hotmail? I’m trying to use DavDroid but it won’t work.
I added k9 for my mail, that seems to work but doesn’t add the contacts and calander from hotmail.

Basically Davdroid handles CalDAV and CardDAC formats. Hotmail/Outlook.com don’t appear in the list of supported services, but if they offer CalDAV and CardDAV endpoints, you can add them similarly as the others on the following page:


Thanks very much for this excellent compilation! :slight_smile:

Omni Notes is now of F-Droid. It is an excellent and very versatile note taking and checklist app that offers loads of features including Audio / Video / Picture notes, drawing, checklists and more. I have added it to the wiki.

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Thanks. I just had to change your addition a bit.
The wiki still uses the ancient linking style which is messy, but I just linked Omni Notes the new way.
Also I changed the layout a bit.

If I ever have the time I’ll change all the links and update the wiki - it’s really outdated. There is not even a symbol for “works on FP2” in the legend yet! :wink:


Two other apps :

  1. Privacy Browser : a Web browser that respects your privacy. By default, it refuses third-party cookies and Javascript, and has DuckDuckGo as search engine. You can change the settings as you wish. If you quit using the “Leave and exit” option, it will automatically delete your history, passwords and so on.

  2. Unpopular Music Player Free : if you like classical music, you will love this app. It respects the “album > work > movement” configuration. For other music, no problems : it will be as usual.

I think it very helpful to add some Applications for SMS texting after the update to android 6.0.1 .

I tried now QKSMS mentioned from NicoM in post12.:wink:

Feel free - it’s a #wiki.


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I’ve fixed (nearly) all links in the wiki with some regex magic to match new F-Droid pages. I used the quite old /app/<packagename> instead of the rather new /package/<packagename> for compatibility with older F-Droid clients.

There are two links that have virtually no solution because new F-Droid page doesn’t has a search engine yet:

  [34]: https://f-droid.org/repository/browse/?fdfilter=nlp
  [156]: https://f-droid.org/repository/browse/?fdfilter=dashclock



Try this: :wink:


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Right, thank you! I already pushed a few commits to that same repo (specifically the PGP Signature appearances because of this issue here in the forum)

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