Extremely fragile screen

Quite pissed off as my screen cracked after a fall of only 40cm onto a hard surface - and this was with the Fairphone protective case on!

Just hoping I can continue to use phone without more problems until replacement displays are available…when?

Am now looking for an ultra protective case!!!

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This sounds very familiar to me, unfortunately. :[ My phone dropped on the (wooden) floor from about 1 metre, leaving a single crack on the screen and rendering the touch screen function unusable. So I had to get a replacement - really glad I can use my phone again, but it doesn’t really fit in with the idea of sustainability.

I don’t have any experience with other smartphones, however, let alone dropping them. Do you think the Fairphone screen is more fragile compared to others?

Look at spare parts, perhaps is B-quality for you good enough, only for the first batch Fairphones.
A-quality displays will be available from October.

Guess it’s just bad luck on your end. My phone survived a couple of drops already without a scratch.


So did mine, but not trusting my luck any further I finally ordered a 3D-printed case from Shapeways - maybe it’s something like that you’re looking for, @Cyclist. It wraps around all four corners of the screen, so dropping the phone onto a flat surface shouldn’t be a problem anymore.

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I’d say so - am not a serial dropper but had quite a few phones/bike lights/cameras dropped over the years and never had this sort of damage from such a low drop height. The FP glass is really thin, <1mm - suspect this is part of the problem.

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I looked at that one but decided on the fairphone case as I thought it looked sturdier - I think I’m gonna go a wallet type case now for the extra protection.

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I have the same experience. Mine fell from about 20cms while sitting in a camping chair and the screen broke. Other phones I dropped (while riding my bike or on hard tiles) only had scratches. Even without protective cases.

I installed a B-stock display and I didn’t notice any visible defects…

It seems you found the ifixit guide worked ok? - I just had a look at the 28 steps- they are all disassembly instructions: does it assume that you just reverse the steps for re-assembly?

Yeah, unfortanatly I had to deal with that too… My phone fell down from not high, had only a little scratch, but the under touchscreen wasn’t working… now it’s repaird and working fine again :slight_smile:

Usually assembly is simply unassembly in reverse.


I already let my phone fall three times. Two times with a protective case from fuererwear. I can highly recommend it. And one time with a fairphone protective case. Without a scratch. It fell not on the screen.

But now i put my feuerwear case back on. I have more confidence of it than the FP case.

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P.S. enter link description here

I dropped it in my first day from a table and it got quite badly scratched on the white plastic.

I wonder why the battery has such a strong protection in a place that is unlikely to get damaged and the borders that will receive most of the falls are protected by a fragile plastic?

I Fell with my bike, my phone dropped out of my pocket with protective case on,
there is no visible damage, but some hours after the fall my touchscreen started getting crazy and finally i couldnt do anything anymore… I tried rebooting, setting back to factorysettings, but nothing worked,

You guys have any ideas?

Ir seems that your phone got damaged by the fall. You can either contact support or buy a replacement screen and repair it yourself. (Caution I think at the moment, only FP1 is supported by the replacement screen, but not FP1U.)