Externally Charging FP5 battery

I guess: If you do a quick charge, the bigger contacts areas may be a little advantage or if the producer wants a high quality power connection even if the product is 10 years old.

Yes. Checking the temperature gives more security, especially for high speed charging and charging to 100%. If you charge slowly and up to e.g. 80% two pins are enough.


Just wanted to let everyone know, this external universal Lithium-ion battery charger is capable of fitting the relative wide (~6cm) FP5 battery. I was also able to adjust the contacts correctly, and it correctly detected that my battery was near full when plugged in.

I haven’t tried to charge a battery with it yet (but I’d assume that it works, there isn’t that much magic involved in slow charging a battery (no magic 1h charges here, but that’s not the idea, going from 0% → near 100% in 20 seconds is the idea, without trying to pushd 500kA at once into the battery without a fire and explosion hazard), as I have not picked up yet my 2nd battery from the local store.

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Thanks for the heads-up :+1: Feel free to let us know when you have gotten to test it (e.g. charging time, maximum charge the battery reaches etc.), I’d be happy to link to your experience here then: External universal chargers for Fairphone batteries

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Not to spoil any relief or anticipation, but reviewers note that the charger doesn’t have the CE conformity sign, which would make it illegal to sell in the EU, where the majority of Fairphone owners reside right now (not that Amazon as just a platform provider in this case would care, responsibility would lie with the seller “Trade Shop”).
The current product images at Amazon seem to confirm this.

Furthermore the electrical security of the US plug → EU plug adapter solution included with the charger is described as questionable because it doesn’t really stick to the US plug and thus could lead to hazardous situations because the contacts could be exposed to touch or short-inducing materials while connected to power.

As you have the device … Can you confirm the missing CE sign and the plug adapter not sticking to the charger when in use?


I can sadly also confirm that I was unable to charge my second fairphone5 battery, no matter how I positioned the pins at all.

No CE mark.

The US-EU plug adapter is very questionable: It’s okay on the US side, if a bit loose, but it’s a bit bad fitting on the EU side, and if you manage to get into a socket, unplugging it is a lengthy game of patience.


Well, I complained to Amazon that the product is faulty by design, let’s see, but I also don’t expect them to react. Sigh.


Thanks for confirming. Well, since it’s Amazon’s delivery, at least returning it should be easy enough.

I’m a bit amazed the vendor as well as the seller blatantly in open daylight didn’t even bother to print a CE sign on the thing for the heck of it, as is done with many other potentially hazardous devices out there which aren’t helped in any way by just having it put on. Perhaps there’s a difference in penalty if charged with any of those deeds.