External charger for Samsung Galaxy S3 --> FP2

I own a Samsung Galaxy S3 and have been using Samsung’s external charger for my spare batteries. Does anyone know if this charger is compatible with the FP2 batteries?

The best way to know is to try them with a FP2, because I don’t think is already on the list chargers used with FP2.

Edit: Thanks to @Johannes for correcting the link.

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Thanks, but I don’t seem to have access to that list…?

This should be the right topic:

Though someone trying an external charger on the FP2 battery is new, there have been some experiences of using a universal charger on the FP1 battery. The first question is probably whether the battery actually fits the charger…

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I bought this charger for my wife’s SGS4mini and it seems to work perfectly for my FP2 batteries too!


I wonder how this should work for a Samsung battery AND your FP2 battery as the pin alignment for + and - are swapped.
Maybe it will work for Samsung, but most sure could bust your FP2 battery if charged with wrong polarity.

Better use a voltmeter first before testing it on your (only) FP2 battery.
Do I see there any “slideable” contacting pins?
Well that could fit the multi-battery attribute.

Anyway considering the low prize I would not use it without attentive supervision. Charging lithium batteries is still a very tricky challenge as you may have read on the news…, especially if it comes to Samsung batteries.

In case you gather positive experience with it please be so kind and share them with us.


Hi Patrick, yes, the pins can slide all the way across so that you can connect your battery with the correct polarity (although, so far, the polarity doesn’t seem to matter).

I have charged my spare battery 3 or 4 times so far with no problems. I will report again if I find any problems with this.

Hi, I moved your post here to keep the discussion in one place. Is your model already on the list linked above?


Hm…:thinking:wanna ask Samsung on this matter…:wink:.

No - serious, polarity should matter, but who knows if this charger has some kind of logic built in to recognize the correct polarity or at least a shortcut protection. But such a protection circuitry is not very common and…the low price does somehow disturb me…
I can only see two contacting pins…I assume there is no temperature monitoring which is always a healthy feature to have.

Anyway good for you and all who actually use it. Many thanks for sharing some info on the device.

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Hi Stefan, no it is not listed but it is unbranded so I’m not sure what to call it.

Okay, thanks for your words of caution Patrick. I will let you know if it breaks anything.

Hm, it would be great then, if you’d just give it a generic name and link to this topic. :slight_smile:

Okay, done. :thumbsup:

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I’ve been using it almost every day for more than 2 months and it is still working fine.

Could you realize any difference/decrease in battery performance?

Hi Patrick1, the batteries are still good. I have been using this for 4 months now with no problems.

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As my bottom connector died I looked for this external charger. Ordered one, will try.

@Patrick1: the two pins can slide all over, so if the polarity looks ‘reversed’ you can slide the pins to the other side and insert the battery upside down. No need for a polarity switch.

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Received mine. Not exactly the same : it is the Onite brand universal travel charger, has no LCD and it automatically detects the polarity! So it is very convenient.

Output : 600mA on the pins and 1A on an additional lateral USB port (can charge simultaneously a phone and the spare battery)

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