Exporting contacts from FP1 when touchscreen is broken

My touchscreen is broken and the bottom half, including the settings button, do not work. My contacts are currently saved on the phone, and I need to extract them from the phone somehow. Do you have any ideas how to do that when the touchscreen is not functioning properly? The method described here Copying contacts from phone to SIM fails does not work, because I cannot push any menus at the bottom of the screen. When I connect the phone to my computer, I can access the “Internal Storage”, including my photos, but the contacts are not in any of the files I see on internal storage.

Two possible solutions:

  • If you are connected to a Google account, your contacts are probably uploaded to the cloud. You can find out by logging in to your account via a computer.
  • Go to the contacts app and turn your phone to landscape mode (90° rotation). If you can see the “three dots” button at the top of the screen, click it. Then choose “Import/Export”.

If none of those work, try this little tutorial I wrote a while back. It will make it possible for you to turn the screen upside down and use the menu button on the working part of your screen.

Edit: Here a screenshot about what the 2nd option would look like:

You could try using a USB mouse via a USB OTG adapter :wink:


If you have USB debugging enabled, you could perhaps install a screen share app, or otherwise copy the contents to your PC. Long shot…

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