Exporting contact with new android version

Hello together.

I want to export my contacts but I can’t find the bottom. I remember it being in the three dots section of the app “Contacts” and also online searches say that. But can’t find it, maybe the new Android changed the place? I have Android 7.1.2 now.

Can someone help me with that or recommend an app for that?

I am on Android 8, so maybe for 7 it’s different. For me it is: “Hamburger menu” (three horizontal lines) > Settings > Export.

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I’m also on 7.1.2 (FPOS 18.09.2) and the import/export is still there in the contacts app (second menu entry of the the dots menu)…

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Thank you, I just realised that I use the app called “Telephone” instead of “Contacts”. Now I see the dots menu.

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