Export text messages (sms) to other device

I’m sorry if there already is a topic on this matter - I searched and couldn’t find one.

My FP1U has been a champ but will now retire as I need to use several apps that it just can’t manage very well (or at all). One of the major things making me reluctant to upgrading is that I haven’t found a way to export my text message conversations from the default messaging app; I often need to reread old messages from far back and having them on my “new” phone (buying a used one - gotta stay sustainable!) would make me so so happy.

So: Is there a way to export entire conversations or all messages from the default messaging app on FP1U? Preferably to a format that Google’s messaging app can handle but just about anything would do :slight_smile:

At least SMS Backup and Restore from Play Store has worked for me.


Thanks, found the app! :smiley: