Experience with shock resistance / durability

It is probably pretty good, because my FP3 fell down along a staircase (okay, with a carpet on it) for 2-3 meters and still works fine without a single scratch. There is only a small “scratch” on the bumper if you look close. So that thing seems to serve its purpose well. Did anyone have similar experiences?

I once had a phone that fell on a stone floor from 1 meter → screen dead. Should the rubber bumper help in such cases?


Had my FP3 like 3 or 4 days and droped it. :sleepy: I stored it in a chestpocket and bend over, so no big falling distance (like 1 meter or even less) and it dropped on wood. No bumper though.

In my expierience phones with plastic backs and rims are a lot more sturdy than such with big glass panels and tiny metal bezels. The plastics are quite a bit more capable to deform and thus absorb most of the shock.

Previous phone had even a plastic screen, this thing was indestructible. Had some scratches though. But it is the reason Nokia phones were such resilient things after all.


My Fairphone 2 fell quite a few times. Mostly on carpet. Nothing wrong with it. I believe the back cover broke due to removal when you had to remove the battery to put it off (I didn’t know you could press power button for 12 sec instead).

When I just had it for a month or so, it bumped out of my trouser socket, on the floor, while I was trying on new shoes. I was super careful with the smartphone but at that very moment, with those trousers, it slipped out. I didn’t see it right away, but the screen had a minor bump on the bottom right. With things like that, and dead pixels, I get annoyed. They distract me, and anger me, and then they do that once more, like a downward spiral. With heavy attention to meditation I can mitigate it somewhat. I did buy a new (v2) screen for it, and a Mitch 10 holder.

My Fairphone 3 has not fallen yet but I’m also still waiting for a case which fits.

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You have seen the handmade flip-case solution, that @Patrick1 dug up?

Or do you need a sleeve?
How about the flat-design sleeves then?
I guess, I have seen them linke here in the forum as well.
They are hand taylored from felt and there are vegan-sleeves (vegetable felt) available as well.

In my opinion, they look really great.


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Just wanted to make a ‘shameless plug’ for the sleeves by “TASAMA” on “Etsy” (“https://www.etsy.com/shop/TASAMA?campaign_label=proteus_transaction_guest_buyer_notification_q4_treatment_v2&utm_source=transactional&utm_campaign=proteus_transaction_guest_buyer_notification_q4_treatment_v2_010170_688909163015_0_0&utm_medium=email&utm_content=&email_sent=1577960533&euid=bQ_n4MZ6L4zCkCaPRUgGHe5Jg-Yg&eaid=708899786172&x_eaid=2ac1b43c8d”) here. I have no financial or other relationships with them :slight_smile:

I dropped my Fairphone 3 about 2 weeks after I got it. In the winter, with cold fingers and not yet familiar with its size.
It fell onto the pavement of the sidewalk and slid about three meters on the bumper, screen down.
The only damage I could discover was a sort of loss of color on one side of the bumper. It looks like I tried to clean it with some unappropriate substance and wiped the color of a little. Which I did not. Barely noticeable.

Edit: The screen is also protected by a glass foil a friend gifted me. The foil has no scratches on it so I doubt that it touched the pavement.


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