Exchange Server 2003


I have had the Fairphone for a couple of days and love it. The only problem seems to be that it won’t connect with the MS Exchange 2003 server that I use for a voluntary post I hold. I’ve entered all the details the administrator gave me - and he’s as confused as I am. The phone simply won’t connect to the server - is this a known issue?


Are you getting an error when you try to connect? Which app are you using (the standard e-mail app, Gmail or another email app)?

As far as I know there are no issues with connection to exchange 2003.


sorry I should have been more descriptive.

I’m using the standard email app on the Fairphone.

I enter the email and password, it then asks what type of account it is and I select Exchange.

On the next screen I enter the domain and username and then the server address. If I leave the secure connection box ticked it won’t connect with the server, unticking this the phone moves on to a pop up screen saying: Checking Incoming Server Settings and stays here for some time and then it tells me it can’t connect to the server. I’ve doubled checked all the settings with the Network Administrator who says I’m entering the right details but he has no idea why it isn’t connecting.



I have solved it! I downloaded a free App called Mailwise and it connects beautifully to the Exchange Server - oddly using the same menus as on the stock email programme!


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Strange behaviour of the stock email app… Thanks for posting a solution!

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