Excessive pressure required of Vol +/- Control?

After 3 weeks of using my FP2, I have come to the conclusion that the Volume control requires excessive pressure of the + and - to operate. The + (plus) press is just tolerable as an above moderate pressure is required; but the - (minus) press is very bad as approx. 60% more pressure is needed which, when used repeatedly, as in scrolling, puts a red groove into my finger!!
Can this be fixed - either by myself, or at factory/repair centre?
This is the most disappointing issue that I’m experiencing with the phone - since O/S update, the unexpected reboot issue has gone. Hooray!!

Take the cover off and see if the buttons still need different pressure (than the power button). With the cover off they should all be harder to press but if it’s still different than the issue is “deeper”.
If it’s now the same see if there is some dirt underneath the cover’s buttons or if there is something wrong with the cover.
When you put the cover back make sure it sits well.
If nothing helped or if the cover seems broken you may consider buying a new slim cover.

Also as a general tip: Buttons are parts that easily wear off. You should avoid pressing them too often. Why don’t you swipe the touchscreen to scroll?


After testing @paulakreuzer’s tips, you could look if your cover splits up at the volume buttons which makes it harder to press them. This is a widespread problem, I had this two times. In this case, you can actually take a photo of the cover failure and contact support to receive a free replacement.

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