Everynow and then it asks the SIM pin code

It has been now few days/a week/couple of weeks (hard to remember exactly when the problem started) that the phone, even when standing perfectly still on the desk, starts to ask the pin code for the SIM card.

I am wondering if the problem is software - has an updated was made recently - and this seems to be related to 4G, or there is some contact issue with the SIM card as the phone maybe fell one time too many.

Is there any way to make a diagnostic of the problem, to understand if it is HW or SW?

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You could:

  • Try cleaning the contact plates on your SIM card with isopropanol (alcohol).
  • Change the SIM card to the second SIM slot and observe if the problem persists.
  • Try another SIM card or ask your provider for a SIM card replacement.

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