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Hi everyone!

After updating my FP3 to Android 10 I plan to use non-google services on my phone (and I try to do it with the rest of my digital consumption).

Anyone here know ethical email options or alternatives to google products like Drive, Gmail and similar?

My main goals on focus are: ecologist, not racist, not imperialist, not capitalist, feminist, fair trade, and so on…

No need to have all of them verified but at least that doesn’t use the company and political policies that those companies like google, apple, microsoft and similar use to use.

In my daily life I already changed almost all my consumption with ethical bank, electricity, comunications, assurances to cooperatives and /or ecological companies. Even with food, health and hygiene products.

But I lack of digital references.


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Hi there and welcome to the community forum!
Check this thread:

I use FairEmail for emails, Nextcloud for the drive, Osmand+ for the maps, Davx5 for synchronisation, QKSMS for SMSes, Telegram for messaging, Newpipe for Youtube (all these apps can be found on fdroid).
You might want to install /e/OS on your Fairphone, which is a degoogled version to android which comes with preinstalled apps that are alternatives to Google.
You can also follow the #livingwogoogle tag.

Edit: You’ll mainly want to check this very detailed post by @AnotherElk:


If you are also after hardware options and still use a desktop computer, you might be interested in Nager IT’s fair mouse.


Thanks to both of your! Ill take a look to those options and will ask if I have any doubt, thanks :wink:

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For an ethical email, you can try posteo, for exemple.


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