Error when connecting to open WiFi

I am not able to connect to the open WiFi of my train. I am not sure if this is a phone issue or if the WiFi is to blame.

It reads “IP configuration error”

Change the MAC adress settings that the phone use the hardware MAC of the device instead of a randomly created one.
Under Datenschutz in your screenshot

Maybe that helps

I cannot test it for myself, because i have no open network in the near…

But, it is only for opne networks? right?
Others are working well?

Do you happen to use some ad-blockers or firewall apps?

It reminds me a bit of a problem in the /e/ forum: Kann mich mit Fairphone 3 nicht in Wifi der Deutschen Bahn einloggen - /e/ auf Deutsch - /e/ community
There it was some ad-blocker interfering with the portal site one typically has to accept the terms and conditions.


This didn’t solve the problem.


correct, could be the problem.
because if there is an ip error, means the physical WLAN connection (part1) works well. but the second part, the ip allocation don’t.
because of the portal page and the free voucher/agb acceptence.

normally you should be redirected to your default browser

maybe this is not working correctly, because of the used browser, or a blocker, blocker list.

in a closed WLAN (WPA2) there is no portal and voucher part…

I have an ad blocker in my browser but this happens before a connection to the WiFi is established, so also before the portal website would open. I don’t have any other blocking apps that I know of.

if the adblock in your browser blocks the domain, ip, or url then you come not to the step to see the portal page
try to disable the addon in the browser

I changed my standard browser to Chrome but it didn’t change anything. I also don’t have the feeling that the phone even gets to the point of trying to open the browser.

Actually I would always blame DB🙊 or did you test already in different trains?

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Not yet, so this could be.

It really was a problem of the hotspot. After changing trains I could connect.


Maybe to many people had already connected and the DHCP IP pool was empty.

The problem is not the dhcp pool. this is mostly big enough
it is a problem of the maximum connection of clients per AP
They don’t use high desnity APs.

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