Error message when installing update 18.04.1

In order to replace my display, I had to update my OS to 18.04.01 (I know, a bit late…). I have no problem downloading it but an error message (“error!”) appears on ths screen (with the famous greenish robot lying down) when I’l trying to install it. I followed the support pages advice: I tried to reboot the phone and also made sure I had no other updates to be done first on the Google play app. None of this worked. Any other suggestion?

Try downloading the full (manual) update package from Fairphone support pages and install that one. You can open the downloaded zip file in Updater app to install it (or use TWRP, fastboot or adb, as you prefer).
Sorry I can’t provide any links right now, since I’m traveling atm. But I think searching Fairphone support pages or the forum here should return helpful information.

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