Error -7 cannot recover vlc app

Hey, I had vlc donwloaded from the F-Droid library then using Yalp store, it updated the app and now it is not useless because of old remaining packages. How to I get rid of these? Now, I am trying to re-install the app and keep getting this error message: Error -7 a previously installed package of the same name has a different signature than the new package (and the old package data was not removed). How do I solve this? Thanks for your help

I have no solution, but I think it could be worth to mention:
Are you re-installing via F-Droid or via Yalp now?

And if you want to use F-Droid and Yalp … and once you get VLC to run again …

I don’t use Yalp, but as it is a replacement for the Play Store …
If the Play Store would recognize and try to manage an App I installed via F-Droid, in the Play Store there would be a setting I could enable for this App to not be updated by the Play Store (I do this for Firefox, which would be updated by F-Droid and the Play Store otherwise).

Perhaps Yalp does have such a setting, too?

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