Erasing all personal data from a FP1U with non-functioning Touch Screen !?

Dear all,

I’'m going to sell my broken FP1U for parts. However, I have no idea how to erase my personal data from the memory! The phone does turn on, but the touch screen does not respond to any touching whatsoever.

Is there a way to erase data (or, better still, format the phone or something) via USB? I have a Mac and can run WIN via Parallels…

Any help greatly appreciated!


If the touch screen is unresponsive to touches, but is still displaying everything, you can connect a normal PC/Mac mouse via an OTG adapter. This would allow you to “replace” your fingertip by the cursor.

Hard reset (does not require touch in Step 2 either):

Actually, given that your Fairphone is an FP1U, you only need to perform Step 2. So you would not even need the mouse/OTG (unless you want to backup any data before).


Wow, that was easy - and thanks for the quick reply!!

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