Entry Code into FP2

Hello. I left my phone somewhere today and have now thankfully retrieved it. However I realised it doesn’t have any sort of entry code/lock and was easily accessed by the person who found it. Is it possible to activate this function and if so how? Thanks

Settings / Security / Screen lock

For best security you should also enable encryption. If you don’t want to enter your password all the time you can additionally enable Smart Lock. This keeps the phone unlocked while it’s at certain locations or connected to a Bluetooth device. It’s all in the Security menu.


You might like to also look at this resource:https://support.fairphone.com/hc/en-us/articles/115001717786-What-if-my-Fairphone-gets-stolen-or-lost-

Thanks, I’ve set up a Pin, a smart lock and will encrypt. However I can’t find this bit:

Via All Apps → Settings → Security → enable Remotely locate this device

Any pointers?

You need a Google Account set up for this.

For me, the setting uis found unter Settings - Google - Sicherheit - Android Device Manager.

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Thanks so much, it was on I just hadn’t realised. I can now see where my phone is via my google sign-on.

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