Enlargement of the phone case issue

Hi everyone,

Not adding much to the conversation, except for letting you know that my black case has the same issue. I have had it since september 2020.

It doesn’t bother me so much, but if FP could fix it for future production that would ofcourse be great :slight_smile:


Which issue, bobbing up and down in the case or growing ears like a rabbit. :slight_smile:

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@amoun the first one :stuck_out_tongue:


I received an answer to my ticket: I’m getting a new case as a replacement. hopefully this won’t happen again and the problem is solved once for all (at a least a few years)


the case is starting to enlarge again. I guess it is a heat related issue. summer at over 30 degrees constantly hasn’t helped. guess I will stick with it and move to somewhere cooler in the future.


I don’t think you should have to put up with stretchy case. Fairphone could do with a reminder that the end users have to happy.
It’s a piece of rubbery plastic how difficult can it be ?? at 40 Euros it beggars belief.

So what colours have you had, the green I have is reasonable it’s just sticking out a little at the corners, but the phone doesn’t move around inside.


That would depend on how many phone cases or bumpers made from 100% recycled plastic came before that and what could be learned from them.

Anyway, as Fairphone seem to treat this as a legitimate warranty case all there’s left to see is whether these are occasional instances or a general fault.


I’m sorry, but cases like the spigen ones used to loosen over time like this does, but they never did it so fast and nowadays the problem is greatly reduced. At 40€ I would expect the case to make me coffee, but apparently it cannot even be normal case, and at this point I don’t care about it being recycled plastic since it cannot assolve the basic function it is design for.


Same procedure then. Third time lucky?

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well, I’ll wait for it to loosen to the levels of the previous one if it happens. maybe I’m wrong expecting totally different performances comapared to the other model. we’ll see

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I had the same issue. Took pics of the case, sent them to the support and they told me I will get a new case, because this is covered by warranty.

Some days later I realized on the tracking website, that UPS is not able to find my address. (My house is in the middle of the city, not in a forrest, and my address in the FP-Shop is 100% correct. But anyway.). The sender has to message UPS with another adress, there is nothing that I can do as the receiver.

So I mailed the support again, asking for help with the address issue. Sadly the FP-support is not reacting to my e-mails since 12 days, so my phone case is now on it’s way back to the Netherlands.

UPS is really doing a bad job here in my country; every second delivery is wrong. Of course, there is nothing FP can do about that (except choosing a reliable parcel service instead of UPS). But it would have been nice if the support had taken any action by reading my mails in time.
This is not the first time with UPS-problems. Last time FP was really helpful and contacted UPS by saying “The address is correct, you have to deliver it”. Then it was successful.
This time it is going back to sender. Maybe a lot of the FP-support-people are in holidays now, so all the e-mails are delayed, I don’t know.

Long story short: FP realizes that the cases wear out too fast and they replace it. Good thing. The bad thing is UPS. And things go worse because communictaion with support is a bit slow these days.

I guess this will be the never-ending-case-story. But I am willing to do my best to get the replacement case, as this case is really very expensive. So let’s see how the story continues.

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I have the exact same issue, however, I don’t think this is a heat (or freeze) problem. I somehow have the suspicion that the sweat and grease from our skin slowly gets absorbed by the plastic case, which then loses its stiffness. That’s why it happens regardless of winter, summer or charging.


That’s an idea. You may like to inform support~at~fairphone~dot~com to see what they have to say.

Same here. Also enlarged phone case.
Color: black
Bought: end of September 2020
First notice of enlargement: about 4 month ago
I cleaned the case every week with soap and water, which should not be the problem.
It is definitely not a environment temperature issue because cooling in a fridge does not revert the enlargement.
My guess is that possibly the remaining residue of disinfectant (alcohol/additives) on the hand leads to the enlargement. Or the simple answer is that pure rubber is not durable enough for a phone case.
I am curious to see what comes out with my complaint to my third party store…

Cooling won’t overcome the stretch but will made it brittle

Is it pure rubber? I don’t think it is.

It’s a bit of a sad mystery as to why it happens. Hopefully Fairphone are investigating and will inform us of the results and what they intend to do about it ?

Maybe anyone can tell us if the problem also exists with the new black case (from recycled plastic)?

Being a new product I don’t think anyone has had the chance to test it for any prolonged period.

My daughter has the older black version since Dec 2020 with no problem


Some news :
The FP support is good, I fastly receive my new case with the warranty, the newer one can be put inside the older one, I didn’t dream my enlargement…
I have the new one for like 1-2 months and the case start becoming bigger, I think I will have to change it again with the warranty in 6-8 months. I will try another color with another plastic if the support will accept because if this issue start to coming again, the design/material didn’t change, so it’s not a bad series issue but a global issue.
My FP3+ become hotter when I play videos for a long time, hot like I still can handle it. I think theses event didn’t help for my issue but it’s a standard hot smartphone issue. My previous phone (in metal) become very very hot when I drive, so hot than I can’t handle it, but the case (ABS i think) never enlarge.


Sorry, I have expressed myself incorrectly. I meant the soft material.

I did not found an official announcement but this shop has a “v2” case. Has somebody else more information?

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The “V2” most likely refers to the fact that Fairphone recently turned to producing the case from 100 % recycled material. At Fairphone accessories you can see that both the all new blue and the black protective case now have a “100 % recycled” label while the green one hasn’t yet.