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I am calling a Call Center where a machine asks you to dial tone, like “For technical assistance dial 1, for commercial offers dial 2, etc.”.

The problem is that when I dial, the phone makes no sound and the call center machine do not receive any sound.

I have searched the internet for how to activate Dial Keypad tones but it seems in my FP the option is missing. From what I have found in the internet it should be (I am translating from Spanish so the words might not be exactly the same in the english version of FP):

  1. From the main screen touch in the small blue phone icon.

  2. In the screen that appears, I touch on the symbol of the phone (upper left corner).

  3. Then I touch on the symbol of Dial Keypad (lower left corner). Then a Dial keypad appears but only on the bottom half of the screen (no full screen).

  4. Then I touch on the lower left symbol below the screen and the typical menu appears with three options. I touch on “Setting”.

  5. This leads me to a screen with the title “Call Settings”. It shows 4 options. I choose the last one, “Other settings”.

  6. According to several websites about Android, the next screen should show an option like “Dialing keypad tone”, but there is no such option.

Where and how should I activate the dialing tones so I can call to automated call centers and choose options?

thanks for your help,


You can activate the dial tones under

System Settings (you get it by touching the left “hardware” button)

Under system you can activate / deactivate the dial tones.

It’s a bit different than the usual plain Andriod settings.


Thank you !!!

Now everything is fine with my FP !


Glad to hear you sorted this.

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