Emergency calls only

I have just received my new fp2 and put in my new gifgaf sim card. Simcard has been activated. My phone says no simcard and is providing emergency calls only. How do I rectify this?

Does it work if you put it in the other SIM card slot?

Just tried it and sadly no still emergency service only.

Have you already tried the SIM in another phone?

I don’t have another phone to try it in.

How can you tell? How long has it been since the process?


“Most SIMs are activated within a few seconds. On some occasions it can take up to 24 hours. If your activation is still not complete after 24 hours contact one of our helpful agents.”

I activated the simple card on my tablet via a gifgaf email. I tried to do it again and I received a message saying it has already been activated. It is still registering emergency calls only. I will try and contact a friend to try the simple in her phone to determine if it is the sum card. Thank you.

Did you put in the SIM card in the right direction? Maybe your SIM card is broken. If you can’t test the SIM card in another phone, order a new SIM card.

Thank you to everybody for their reply. I feel very foolish. I noticed the padlock at the bottom and when I pressed it it took me to a screen to enter my password. I had previously thought this was for emergency numbers. So it was user error and I am now up and running.