Electrical contact issues on FP2 USB connector

Hi all,
I have frequently some contact issues on my FP2 USB connector for battery loading or data transfer, depending on the cable used or the position of the cable male plug inside it.
I wanted to replace the bottom module to replace the plug, but it is now out of stock…

Do you have some tips to maintain the electrical contact at the plug ?
Need I to find a bottom module despite all to replace it ?


A magnetic charging plug and cable might help to reduce wear and tear on the USB port. However, I cannot say if it can still help with yours.

Former Fairphone employee Fabian Hühne is currently launching one such set that aims to meet at least the same standards when it comes to sustainability and fairtrade that Fairphone pursues:

Other than that, a fellow Fairphoner is currently preparing 3-D printed USB-C (!) bottom modules for the FP2. Please note that this bottom module is unofficial and needs some further adaptation steps (case, component transplantation and of course a different cable).


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