EFIDroid (multiboot) for the Fairphone 2

Unfortunately, that seems to be where we are currently with EFIDroid :frowning: .

That seems to be the problem. I’m not using FP OS myself so I don’t have experience with it but I looked into a OTA package once and it checked the build fingerprint of the recovery and not the fingerprint of the installed OS… So actually an issue with TWRP+FP OS I think.

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So maybe I should try to get in EFIDroid boot into the fastboot of the alternate OS and flash the new recovery shipped with the Android 6 FP OS. Where do I get it?

By the way, I personally am also not interested in the standard FP OS but very much interested in dual boot the new UBports ubuntu touch OS. There I try also to attract them helping to get dual boot with Android working.
@z3ntu Thanks for your first steps for EFIDroid Ubuntu Touch support which I also mentioned in the UBports community. I whish you would step in again helping this new UT approach to dual boot.

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Hello there,

did you manage to make your approach work, @bastos77 ?

So maybe I should try to get in EFIDroid boot into the fastboot of the alternate OS and flash the new recovery shipped with the Android 6 FP OS. Where do I get it?

I was so happy to find Efidroid and this thread because it promised to finally solve my problems with apps demanding google services in order for them to work. Stupid Carsharing apps like Car2go, DriveNow, Cambio and merging ones like Free2Move etc. request it no matter what. No workaround afaik, although there is a promising but, as of now, seemingly premature module over at github called Anymaps.

I hoped to get a setup similar to the one @paulakreuzer had posted above - a working FP OOS (fp2-sibon-17.04.0) and a secondary FP OS for unavoidable GMS purposes, but it fails to install.
After solving the /system partition issue, I tried the following GMS versions:

  1. FP2-gms-17.04.8-manual.zip
  2. FP2-gms76-1.13.0-manual.zip
  3. FP2-gms65-1.7.0-manual.zip

but none of them worked. Would be great to have a solution soon.

@z3ntu Thanks for the FP2 port nonetheless. Highly appreciated!


Thanks :blush:​​​​​​

I have not tried. I decided to hop into cold water ans installed the UBports Ubuntu touch as daily driver. Using it since three days and am more than happy!

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Does any tried to run one of the fairphones’s OSs and Lineage in parallel?

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I don’t think anyone is running EFIDroid atm at all since it won’t install with any recent OS version.

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I used it with lineage for a short time so it should be working alright.

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@z3ntu have you ever re-installed EFIDroid since March? Since then it seems nobody was able to make EFIDroid work from scratch (or people who were successful simply didn’t post about it). I tried it with Open OS and FP OS L/M.

@all: Did anyone recently manage to make EFIDroid work?


Hi Paul,
according to the EFIDroid thread
https://forum.fairphone.com/t/efidroid-multiboot-for-the-fairphone-2/23344 it
seems to work with FP OS and FP Open.

We are in that thread, and yeah it did work, but seems it hasn’t for a while.

oh sorry, I’ve been mistaken the threads.

do you know if the guys from EFIDroid working on it to make it running

I tried it ~ 1 Month ago and it did not work. The boot into the newly created OS doesn’t work (phone reboots after a short time). I am not aware of any update, so I think this is still the case.

No, there wasn’t any update. The upstream maintainer is currently working on a big update which reworks big portions of efidroid (such as getting rid of lk).
About what I tried with Nougat: I just booted the primary rom and a Halium boot.img via the file browser built-in to efidroid. So I didn’t try a secondary rom.


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So, did someone succeed to make a dual boot though TWRP with EFIDROID ? If yes, with which images/ROM ?

Initially, yes.
For months now, no.
I guess you don’t want to read this topic from the start, but I can only advise to do so :wink: .

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