#EFCT17: European Fairphoners Community Trip to Amsterdam 2017 (31/7 - 6/8/17)

Thanks! I’m on my way too, just taken the train to go to Amsterdam.

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We (@Chris_R, @Amber, @z3ntu, @Stefan and me) arrived! :smiley:
Amsterdam. Home sweet home! :heart:


Turns out you need a personal card (with your name on it) which is still valid for at least a year, and a Dutch bank account. My card expires in September and the replacement is due to be delivered in a few weeks, so that is not going to work on my card. I have my own bike though, so I don’t need the OV-fiets.

(About the bank account: what NS does is against EU law… it shouldn’t have to be that hard to get around in the Netherlands as a foreigner)

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Bike rental tips:

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Day 1 - Day of Arrival

The first day at the #efct17 is over! 14 people joined us today for the opening dinner at the Eritrean-Ethiopian restaurant Semai and there will be more coming from all over Europe in the next days. :smiley:

Here are two impressions:

F.l.t.r.: Sella, @laurent_guerguy, @paulakreuzer, @AlbertJP, @Irina_Spitznagel, Marcel, @werner_noebauer, @Stefan, @z3ntu, @Amber, Lydia

F.l.t.r.: Marcel, @Douwe, @laurent_guerguy, @paulakreuzer, @Chris_R, @AlbertJP, @Friek, @Irina_Spitznagel

Tomorrow, @Douwe will show us around Amsterdam Noord by bike. Bring your own bike if you have one! :slight_smile:

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Day 2 - Bike tour through Amsterdam Noord

Today we went on a nice biketrip with @Douwe:

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Here is a screenshot of the GPX track:

And here are the .gpx files:
2017-08-01_15-44_Tue.gpx (10.1 KB)
2017-08-01_14-09_Tue.gpx (102.1 KB)
2017-08-01_15-28_Tue.gpx (174.2 KB)
2017-08-01_17-56_Tue.gpx (134.6 KB)
2017-08-01_14-18_Tue.gpx (453.3 KB)
2017-08-01_10-15_Tue.gpx (1.4 MB)
2017-08-01_14-52_Tue.gpx (490.2 KB)

The rout is split up in many files according to longer pauses we made or when switching from bike to foot and back.


Boys with plans

Plans work out

Having the community in your home watching a movie


Some more pictures:

On the ferry. F.l.t.r.: @Douwe, @Irina_Spitznagel, @Friek, Marcel, @Stefan, @paulakreuzer, @werner_noebauer, @z3ntu, @Amber, @laurent_guerguy, @Chris_R, Lydia, @AlbertJP

In the village where @Douwe was born.

@z3ntu enjoying his ride on the trike. Very elegant! :tophat:

Attacking the Ransdorp tower.

And we won the siege! @werner_noebauer is hoisting the Fairphone flag.

The flag is beautifully declaring all of the surrounding area as liberated from the iNightmare that ruled it before.

Happy birthday to @z3ntu, who turns 18 today! :smiley: :birthday: This is (was) his cake.

:warning: Mind that we meet tomorrow at the Fairphone Office at 9:30. :warning:


The first one (1718) is the nicest shot so far :thumbsup: :slight_smile:

And congratulations to @z3ntu as well! :birthday:


Thanks to the guy, who was standing in front of us on the ferry! :wink:


It looks like it’s raining the matrix background and it splashes off of @z3ntu.


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Day 3 - Workshops at Fairphone office

We’re currently in the Fairphone office and already had some workshops in the morning.

first I spied on some company secrets

Then @Douwe started the day and welcomed us.

While @Stefan introduced the Fairphone Angels Program

I looked around the office from above

@iratxe held the next workshop and talked about a lot of cool initiatives, like the insurance company of @Marie1 (she was there at the #efct16)…

…and @laurent_guerguy’s ECrowd

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Hi all guys!

Thanks for sharing the pics. Awesome days so far in Amsterdam. Just to let you know that these days at ICT for Sustaiability Summer school we are working about how modular design on FP or other electric materials with similar design idea impacts on the CO2 footprint whilst assuring longevity. I will share our thoughts and findings on Saturday.
Looking forward to meeting with you all guys!


P.S - BTW @paulakreuzer, I have brought an spare part for @lina1. are you also going to bring the other spare parts I ask for? Cheers!


You ok, @Stefan? :open_mouth: These must be the first photos ever that show you with a non-Fairphone t-shirt.


I’m not an FP employee, but I just asked @Douwe and he said he made sure these spare parts are here for us.

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thanks for inviting me and enabling me to be part of the #efct17 as well as for your interest in my little project :smiley: was great to see you on skype


I thought that the Fairphone T-Shirt is better worn outside the Fairphone office, where it has more advertising power. :wink:

Thank you for sharing the details about your project! :blush: @ungutknut is working on 3D-printed covers for the Fairphone 2. Maybe the QI receiver can be integrated there.

More photos (and GIFs). :smiley:

Us sitting in the famous Fairphone amphitheatre, listening to @iratxe’s workshop.

@Iratxe explaining very vividly.

@Amber presenting his group’s answers to @Iratxe’s concluding questions.

@jayy presenting his QI connector board via Skype.


…Indre and Damiano explaining the FairBnB Coop.

@Chris_R chipping in to the discussion.

Thanks to all, who prepared workshops and gave us so much interesting input! :slight_smile:


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Day 4 - Helping Fairphone + party

Dismantling line has been set up!

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This is GIF was too large to upload.

And in case anyone is wondering why the gifs are so retro… I used this: Retroboy