#EFCT17: European Fairphoners Community Trip to Amsterdam 2017 (31/7 - 6/8/17)

Hi, I want to take part in the EFCT 17, I need a place to stay in Amsterdam during the EFCT17, is anything available? Is anyone driving from Berlin to Amsterdam and could offer me a ride? Thanks in advance

Dear Stefan, all,

thanks for organising everything guys!!.
I’ll arrive to Amsterdam on Friday the 4th and I’l love to join you guys for the morning ride to Almere and Naarden.
I have to check for a place to stay Friday and Saturday night. If there is still something available for these two days, please let me know, if not I have to find something during these days. Any ideas about where to check?

@paulakreuzer thnaks also for organising the idea of the outlet store :wink:


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@dieguich: Above @Letmino stated that they also need a place to stay for the weekend. Maybe you can get in touch and organize something. :slight_smile:

I’ll make sure to bring my bike with me to Amsterdam again. It has since last year received some fresh blue-and-white paint.


Hi @Stefan, @iratxe and @paulakreuzer,

I will not join the Den Haag tour on Friday 4.8., because I’m going to visit Friends of the Earth Netherlands this day. Please consider this for the ticket reservation.

Looking forward to see you in Amsterdam :slight_smile:

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What about booking two greeters? I know that would mean to split up the group, but maybe that could be an option…

Hi, I am also looking for a place to stay, have you had any success yet? How can I direct message you? Thanks in advance

Just to confirm that I will come from Monday to Friday. Thanks to the organising team.

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It’s a pleasure to us! :slight_smile:

So you will take part in the Den Haag trip on Friday, but won’t go cycling with us on Saturday?

As I’ve been responding in other EFCT topics, it’s probably best to mention that I won’t be able to make it this year - due to other commitments my NL trip will be after the EFCT.

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It’s a pity! I hope you can make it to the EFCT18 if there is going to be one. :slight_smile:

Yes exactly. See you on Monday!

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I haven’t checked anything so far. I will ley you know along next week. What about you? Any findings?


:warning: Please mind that the meeting point for tomorrow has changed to Semai, Papaverhoek 35, 1032 JZ Amsterdam.

@paulakreuzer, @z3ntu and me will be leaving from Vienna to Amsterdam in about half an hour. :blush: See you all there! :smiley:


Have fun everyone :smile: :thumbsup:


Too bad I can’t make it :smiley: About the bike rental:
If you have a NS-card, you can get a OV-fiets subscription which costs €0,01 per year (to verify payment info) and €3,85 per day when you rent a bike.

Thanks! I’m on my way too, just taken the train to go to Amsterdam.

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We (@Chris_R, @Amber, @z3ntu, @Stefan and me) arrived! :smiley:
Amsterdam. Home sweet home! :heart:


Turns out you need a personal card (with your name on it) which is still valid for at least a year, and a Dutch bank account. My card expires in September and the replacement is due to be delivered in a few weeks, so that is not going to work on my card. I have my own bike though, so I don’t need the OV-fiets.

(About the bank account: what NS does is against EU law… it shouldn’t have to be that hard to get around in the Netherlands as a foreigner)

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