#EFCT17: European Fairphoners Community Trip to Amsterdam 2017 (31/7 - 6/8/17)

I am not sure if any of you already knows about SHA2017
This is a giant hacker camp which is held every 4 years in The Netherlands.

I will go there for sure, so it might limit my time to attend the EFCT in the last weekend. (2 days overlap), but if any of you feels like it; consider attending and maybe we can make a Fairphone Community Village at the camp and do workshops there with the hacker and maker community!


@Iratxe, @paulakreuzer and I had a meeting today and we agreed on the activities at the #efct17 . :smiley: Find out more here.

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I like the EFCT17 “modules” :slight_smile: thanks for planning and organizing!


For Den Haag we could book a global greeter and get a free tour of the city. I’ve done it in Paris an New York. It’s always better to get a tour from a local.

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That’s a really good idea! I had only known the Free Walking Tours, which always have a fixed schedule. We will contact them when we know the exact day of our Den Haag visit.

Me and my bf are also interested to join. Only for the weekend though 5th and/or 6th.

Do you need me to register somewhere?

Also, we would be interested in a CS place or FairBnB (even though I am not sure, what that exactly is yet)


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I sent you an email. About the place to stay: I’ll add you to the group PM where we were discussing the apartments etc. You will have to ask there. If nobody is able to host you, you’ll have to find a place to stay yourself.

PS: you can also ask in the matrix chatroom (link above).

Short update: The organization team will meet up online on Friday and will finalize the schedule on that occasion. So check back later this week for the complete #efct17 schedule. :slight_smile:


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Aaand the schedule is up to date! :slight_smile: Check it out! I guarantee that nobody will get bored. :wink:

:arrow_right: #EFCT17: European Fairphoners Community Trip to Amsterdam 2017 (31/7 - 6/8/17)


I am doing the Qi via expansion port workshop but I won’t be there, thus via video.
I would solder a second Qi receiver ready for use, but I guess I will be late for any shipping. Hence my Question: Anyone from Munich (or Augsburg) area going to this year’s efct and willing to pick up the pad on Thursday or Friday next week?


@Marie1 maybe? (20 chars)

I’ve heard back from the “The Hague Greeters”. They sadly cannot accompany 12 people for a tour. My contact there suggested a boat tour . I’m sorry it didn’t work out.

Hi, I want to take part in the EFCT 17, I need a place to stay in Amsterdam during the EFCT17, is anything available? Is anyone driving from Berlin to Amsterdam and could offer me a ride? Thanks in advance

Dear Stefan, all,

thanks for organising everything guys!!.
I’ll arrive to Amsterdam on Friday the 4th and I’l love to join you guys for the morning ride to Almere and Naarden.
I have to check for a place to stay Friday and Saturday night. If there is still something available for these two days, please let me know, if not I have to find something during these days. Any ideas about where to check?

@paulakreuzer thnaks also for organising the idea of the outlet store :wink:


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@dieguich: Above @Letmino stated that they also need a place to stay for the weekend. Maybe you can get in touch and organize something. :slight_smile:

I’ll make sure to bring my bike with me to Amsterdam again. It has since last year received some fresh blue-and-white paint.


Hi @Stefan, @iratxe and @paulakreuzer,

I will not join the Den Haag tour on Friday 4.8., because I’m going to visit Friends of the Earth Netherlands this day. Please consider this for the ticket reservation.

Looking forward to see you in Amsterdam :slight_smile:

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What about booking two greeters? I know that would mean to split up the group, but maybe that could be an option…