Eelo for Fairphone 3+

Hello guys,

I’m new to the forum and recently bought a FP3+, on with I installed eelo (/e/). Because there was no version for the 3+ in particular, I tried using the version for the FP3, but plenty of things arent working now, like phone calls, any speaker, the OS doesnt recognise the cameras and other things.

So I was wondering if anyone knew if there is a version for the 3+ coming out soon or if I have to go back to the stock-ROM, which i would rather wish not to do.

Thanks for your responses in advance :slight_smile:


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For now, I would recommend you go back to the stock ROM because the current version of /e/OS (Android 9) for the FP3 does not support the new camera modules in the FP3+ yet. /e/ is working on upgrading /e/OS to Android 10 for the FP3 and FP3+ as well though, and they are eyeing a late October release. Find more info here:

Oh, and welcome to our community forum! :slight_smile:


great, thats what i wanted to know!

thanks for the quick response :slight_smile:


And besides the new hardware (especially cameras) not supported, I guess, I read on the /e/ homepage, that downgrading always comes with a risk. :frowning:

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