Editing the phone's dictionary

Hi there,
Is there a way to delete words from the dictionary? In my previous phone a long press on the auto-completion suggestions would offer the option to delete that suggestion from the dictionary (very useful for gibberish that accidentally found it’s way to the dictionary). IT was also possible to go to the dictionary directly and edit it there.

I could find either option on Fairphone. Any suggestions?


I believe you mean the user dictionary of your keyboard. Some keyboard apps allow changing the content of the user dictionary via their settings in Settings -> Personal -> Language & input. Choose your keyboard app in question in there and see if it allows to edit the user dictionary.

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Thanks Amber. Yes, I guess I do mean what’s supposed to be the user dictionary (or Personal Dictionary). However, when I check it in the settings (like you suggest), there are very few words in there, certainly non of the gibberish that seems to have accumulated.

I’m using the default keyboard app that came with the phone. Never occurred to me to change it :slight_smile:

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