Editing older posts

Hi everyone.
I’d like to add [SOLD] to my older posts in the offered category, but I can’t find out how to edit my posts. No “Edit” option to be found nowhere? Where is that function hidden?
Others have edited posts, so it must be possible, but I can’t figure it out.
Thanks for helping.

Edit: LOL, the little editing pencil shows up right below this post. In my older posts, it doesn’t. Maybe the admins have an idea or could edit my posts? Thanks…

Do you see a pencil next to the headline at the top in your older post(s)?

If not, I guess just enumerating the posts which you want to have dealt with could help the admins/moderators.

Like this?

No, it is weird. I see the “editing pencil symbol” in my posts in this thread, but its not there in the relevant posts I would like to edit in order to let people know phone and battery are sold.
In case the admins are able to edit my posts: I would like to add [sold] to these two posts:


People are still sending messages to buy the things, so I guess it would be nicer to let them know right away that phone and battery are not available any longer… thanks!


OK, done! :slight_smile: For others: In the case that you can’t edit your own posts, notify the moderators about it by flagging the posts (click the little flag symbol below your post and choose “Other”). This way we know immediately which post you are talking about.