Editing known networks in wifi menu

i can edit/change the wifis that are active around me at the moment, but not the ones in the list of known wifis. that is needed e.g. for looking up a password a friend might ask for.

Should be possible.
Settings --> WLAN --> long press on a wifi, edit network.

You can also share your wifi passwords with qr codes.


sadly that seems wrong to me

  1. setting>wlan … shown available networks
  2. then I go for “Weitere Einstellungen” … still just available networks
  3. then I go for (menu: Gespeicherte Netzwerke) … now list of known networks
  4. holding … and have option to delete and skip.

… no editing available. no share button to find. will need an app for this or maybe better a fix on os side.

maybe I oversaw something?

@paulakreuzer: problem is, I would have to enter them in that app again… its saved in the os, should be served by os for users with rights to write. ability to write but not read (best also copy to clipboard) is awkward.

and for that function I do not need a specialized app, that I can do with any text editor.

You don’t need to enter the passwords in the app, but I just remembered: the app needs root privileges to access the passwords.

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It is not recommended to root the fairphone2 when I read the forum correctly. Or is htere another way to give an app more rights?

I don’t see why it wouldn’t be recommended. In fact, i would highly recommend it, since you gain more control over the phone and can fix a number of bugs.
Here’s a how to: https://forum.fairphone.com/t/pencil2-howto-root-with-superuser/12375

Just seing that there was reason for 'em not to ship rootet nor to provide a ready solution yet or mention that they will give support on bricked phones; which might easily be the case when giving root access to “experimental” software. I doubt it will be a 0-cost return then.

and speaking of costs… it wasnt that cheap that expectations are low either.

As I understood it, one of the reasons was that it is not allowed to ship a rooted phone with GAPPS installed.
But indeed, with a rooted phone you can also screw up your device, so it should be handled carefully.