Echoing when calling on FP1

The microphone of my FP1 didn’t work well, (the sound was dull and light) I changed the daughterboard. Now the sound is ok for all but the person I call have an echo of her voice when they spoke…

Bad connection when I replace the daughterboard ? New hardware failure ? Software ? I already do a reboot, without success
Any solutions, suggestions ?

Thank you very much

To really rule out any software issues, you would have to do a #dic:hardreset.

If you think it is a physical connection issue, reassemble the daughterboard again and find out if that changes anything.

Did you clean the contacts with alcohol or something similar when you replaced the daughterboard?

Thanks a lot Stefan,
After saving my documents/data I will do your recommendations.

Stefan Brand a écrit :

If I need to reassemble the daughterboard again, I will clean the contacts

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